Explorers of Opportunity for a Better City

We are a group of innovators focused on bringing community ideas to life. By working closely with the public, we collectively generate ideas that create positive transformation in many sectors of the community, quickly and effectively.







One Brick at a Time

Today, small-scale changes are adding up in a big way. By exposing these opportunities rapidly within the community, we will create mass awareness and inspire a collective energy to move our cities and communities forward.

Explorers of Opportunity for a Better City

Opportunities for improvement and enrichment exist all around us. City Collaborative has a deep desire to expose these opportunities and embrace them. Each project is selected by evaluating the well-being and future implications a project will have on our city. While there are ever important needs that require extended time and resources, our focus is to execute on the needs we can bring to life quickly.

We love the city of Louisville. We also have a sincere desire to see other cities benefit from the initiatives we hope to accomplish. With careful thought and execution, we believe that many of the ideas born here can spread and benefit many other cities throughout the country.

Explorers of Opportunity for a Better City

We have a lot of ideas and hope to pursue each one to make this city better. However, we need your help. As projects or events arise, we will need hands to push these visions forward.

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